Make Like A Ship

I thought you might find author Jacci Gooding’s thoughts on my book launch at Warwick Books interesting.

Jacci Gooding, Author

One of the great things it has to be said about self-publishing is that you get to meet lots of new and inspiring authors. All those writers, myself included, who would sit in glorious isolation bashing away at our keyboards whenever we got the chance can now get our selves out there and meet up with other like-minded people and suddenly it’s not such a lonely profession after all. It’s very reassuring to hear of others’ highs and lows, of how they came to create the characters they did, how long it took them to reach that final edit, why they chose the cover they did – and one of the best ways to do all this is to mix and mingle at a book launch. But why launch a book, I hear you ask? Isn’t it enough just to get it all together and press print? Er, no. Your…

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